Agriculture projects in Veracruz

SUNCOMX invited by the State Committee of Vegetal Health in Veracruz to participate in agriculture projects of the state.

A letter by President of committee Ricardo Hernandez Campos

… Farmers Association in the State of Sinaloa, at the Board of Directors meeting of this State Committee of Vegetal Health of Veracruz, we have considered that it is a priority in our administration. In an important way to site priority to the agriculture projects of our Veracruz State and we strongly coincide with the vision and purpose of SUNCO INC, relative to the productive projects of Citrus, coincides greatly with the vision and purpose of SUNCO INC thus we invite you to include your representation to join our common projects.

We are pleased to extend an attentive invitation to your representation to visite our State with the purpose of both working in mutual agreement for the benefit of our common projects, as well as your participation inassistance in our operational activities of development and Improvement to agriculture In general for a productive, social and economic plan.

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